Christopher Doyle – The Rock Star of Cinematography

As seen on NoFilmSchool

DP Christopher Doyle is unique, to say the least.

From his philosophy to the way he answers questions in interviews, everything that Christopher Doyle does is brutally honest and uncompromising, especially when it comes to cinematography.

In yet another fantastic breakdown, wolfcrow’s Sareesh Sudhakaran explains a variety of techniques Doyle used on films like In the Mood for Love2046, and Lady in the Water.

Happy Together (1997)

Doyle is certainly an incredible artist with a style all his own, often experimenting with slow motion, motion blur, as well as rhythmic and arbitrary camera movement to tell stories in ways they’ve never been told before. His style is always changing and evolving, but it seems to always have a strange balance between realism and surrealism.

Despite his incredible creative fortitude, he submits to the vision and leadership of the director, like any master of the craft would.

Chunking Express (1994)

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